The Obligations Framework calls upon Connectivity Suppliers to maintain and or to adopt Quality of Service (QoS) Standards. HSCIC have proposed the following design document that should be referred by all vendors implementing QoS for an HSCN service. The proposal is to adopt this document as a HSCN standard . To aid migration the document outlines the existing N3 QoS classifications as these will have to be preserved as long as any consumers need access to the existing Multimedia, Voice, Video, National Applications and the N3 connected Spine applications.

This document should be fairly straight forward many suppliers may find this to be not dissimilar to the existing PSN model. The document can be viewed here [download id=”5240″] and will remain in draft until ratified at the next Technical and Security Work Stream Meeting. If you have any reviewer comments can you please provide your (email) feedback by Friday 29th July to:

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