In this episode, Lynne Magennis talks to Des Ward, Information Governance Director at Innopsis, about the world of Information Governance.

GDS have brought sweeping changes to the way the world of Government and Public Sector connects and uses IT systems. We have moved from an environment of air-gapped dedicated networks and strict classification to a very different regime where the defined Business Impact Levels have been replaced with a more flexible approach to classification of security and ‘The Internet is OK’ messages. Dedicated secure messaging has been replaced by Google Hangouts in the centre of Government.

The new way of working relies on the user, or the organisation, taking responsibility for understanding their own risks and how they control their data. This reflects more the SME approach to data in the commercial world. However, whilst in the Enterprise space the end user can decide if they trust the organisation they are providing data to, there is no choice in the Public Sector. Failure to provide personal data is a criminal offence. Given this, how is Government coping with the fast approaching 25th May 2018 GDPR? How is it getting it’s house into order to comply with the legislation that it is creating? Is GDPR hyped up? Are there more pressing issues?

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Des Ward talks about the state of Information Governance relating to the Public Sector, and more importantly for members, the impact on Industry.