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Meeting recording

Meeting Notes

Meeting was held at CenturyLink, 10, Fleet Place, London EC4M 7RB on 24th January 2020

The main focus of this meeting was to discuss the implementation of the Secure Boundary.

  • Milestone date for CNSPs to connect and migrate internet traffic to the NHS Secure Boundary platform remains as 31st March, any CNSP who cannot meet this should advise NHS Digital asap via the mailbox
  • NHS Digital provided an overview of the Change Process, which clarifies that the cost of change is to be met by each CNSP, however this process allows for CNSPs to request a commercial review with NHS Digital if they wish to. The main issues were in regards to the communication and timeframe for implementing Secure Boundary. Any CNSP seeking commercial review should submit this to NHS Digital in full by COB 31st January. (Requests should be sent to Bill Cain/John Matthews and copying
  • Suggested changes to obligations S07 and S09b were reviewed in the meeting, however CNSPs thought they did not provide any obvious benefit, but clarity of the wording is required.
  • The Secure Boundary Operations Manual has been distributed to CNSPs as part of engagement with the Secure Boundary Onboarding team and is also available via Innopsis. Any CNSPs that don’t have access to this document can also request it directly from or
  • Discussed updates to the documents/templates as part of this change set will made and issued W/C 27th of January with an expected review time of 5 days. 
  • It was recognised by CNSPs and NHS Digital that the engagement and communication must be improved upon for future changes. In particular, any change to the central services made by NHS-Digital which imposes a cost to CN-SPs must be consulted with CN-SPs prior to any contractual commitment made by NHS-Digital. This has been noted and we will endeavour to improve on this for future engagement by reviewing the internal processes and ensuring CNSPs are engaged as early as possible.  


Secure Boundary

NHS Digital Action – NHS-Digital to investigate what Latency, Performance and Availability information can be shared with CNSPs with the introduction of Secure Boundary.

NHS Digital Action – Exponential-e had referenced they hadn’t received answers to some technical information from Accenture. NHS-Digital to setup technical session with the Secure Boundary team and Exponential e. The meeting will be advised and other CNSPs will be invited to attend. Any output, will be published..

NHS Digital Action – NHS Digital to liaise with the Secure Boundary team to enrich the technical information in the on-boarding guide. Where necessary CNSPs are advised to directly engage with the Secure Boundary team for further technical support ( Any updates to the technical information should be shared between all CN-SPs.

NHS Digital Action – In the design overview (self serve options), G-Cloud is an option, NHS-Digital to confirm that any procurement route that meets The Public Contracts Regulations 2015 is suitable.


NHS Digital Action – Updated documents related to the change notes to be provided to Innopsis W/C 27th of January with a 5 working day review. 

NHS Digital Action – PSN reference still in the Solution overview document Section 3.3.3 where it lists the new traffic flows, new bullets where CNSP WILL provide routing to PSN

Review this statement and provide an updated Solution Overview or comments to CNSPs.


NHS Digital Action – BT requested a separate discussion for CAS-T and implications on the ITHC. This will be arranged directly between BT and NHS Digital offline from this meeting.