HSCN Solution Overview

  • Title page updated with new version number
  • Section 4.3.3 contains updated wording on PSN
  • Track changes enabled

This is considered to be a Minor change and therefore comments are required before the close of play on Monday 3rd February 2020.

No comment is assumed to be acceptance


As this Change Control refers to Secure Boundary which has not been accepted this Change Note is also not accepted.

  1. There does not appear to be a unique change reference
  2. Whilst track changes is enabled on v.4.01, and this helps to identify changes to the document it appears that track changes does not compare the current version to the latest approved version used by CN-SP’s – this is on the HSCN website: https://digital.nhs.uk/services/health-and-social-care-network/hscn-suppliers#design-position-documents as https://digital.nhs.uk/binaries/content/assets/legacy/pdf/i/3/hscn_solution_overview_v3.0_external_for_publication.pdf
  3. There appear to be other changes in the document with no easy way to compare or identify which changes are material (e.g. the table under figure 5 has been edited, it’s not clear what other changes have been introduced since v.3.0
  4. The new section covering PSN – s. 4.3.3 third bullet point – we (as a CN-SP) do not have PSN accreditation, this section appears to be introducting new obligations for us to partner with another, accredited CN-SP should one of our HSCN customer requests us to. The section uses definitive terms “shall” and “need” to introduce CN-SP obligations that do not presently exist
  5. As the changes in s.4.3.3 appear to have a commerical impact to CN-SP’s as described above, further information on this amendment to the documentation (reasons, expected impact to CN-SP’s) should be provided
  6. Further information on this document update and a version that tracks changes between the current version (v.3.0) & the proposed version should be shared as soon as possible