Change Control Notice

00016_20170917 to 00025_20191127 HSCN Compliance CR Form

Change Reference:  – 0023 20191127

Date: – 27th November 2019

Title:  – Uplift to full document

Change to:- HSCN Compliance Operating Model & CAS(T) Security Addendum. (1.5)

Dialogue: – The compliance operating model has been uplifted to reference the removal of CAS(T) and ANM. The most significant of these changes is the removal of CAS(T). Diagrams within this document have been uplifted as well as the wording around the new process.

The document has undergone a general uplift to get to the position we are in now.

All CAS(T) references are now removed including the CAS(T) security Addendum being retired and replaced with additional information in the MCB and Annex A.

Change reason – To meet a regulatory requirement.

Change Level – Major. 

Comments due back on 27th December 2019. No comment is assumed to be acceptance.


Comment 1 –

A commercial review of the proposed changes is required.

Response 1 –

Please can some more information around this comment be provided. NHS Digital don’t believe that the move to Secure Boundary from ANM means any change to the commercial model.

The following CN-SPs are consulted

  1. Convergence (Group Networks) Limited
  2. MLL Telecom Limited
  3. Redcentric Solutions Limited
  4. AdEPT Telecom PLC
  5. British Telecommunications PLC
  6. Piksel Limited (Carelink)
  7. Daisy Communications Limited
  8. Exponential-e Limited
  9. IT Professional Services Limited
  10. KCOM Group Public Limited Company
  11. CenturyLink Communications UK Limited
  12. Node 4 Limited
  13. NYNET Limited
  14. OCSL Managed Services Limited
  15. Updata Infrastructure (UK) Limited
  16. The Networking People (Northwest Ltd)
  17. Virgin Media Business Limited
  18. Limited
  19. Gamma Telecom
  20. GTT
  21. High Speed Office
  22. Intercity Technology Ltd
  23. IQVIA Solutions UK Ltd
  24. Logicalis
  25. Telefonica UK Limited
  26. Vodafone
  27. CANCOM UK Managed Services