Change Control Notice

00016_20170917 to 00025_20191127 HSCN Compliance CR Form

Change Reference:  – 0025 20191127

Title:  – CNSP WAN Performance Data Tab

Date:– 24th November 2019

Change to:- HSCN SM Performance Report (v4)

Dialogue: – The performance report template doesn’t allow for Internet Availability figures. To increase clarity, I’ve added column K which specifies internet availability so CNSPs can specify if they have lost their links to ANM/Sec Bo which has impacted the internet availability for their whole estate.

This is simply to provide clarity so CNSPs can ensure the correct availability is reported on for their WAN, Access to Peering and Access to the internet for their entire estate. The template will be updated in the SM addendum.

Change reason – To correct mistakes or add clarity.

Change Level – Major. 

Comments due back on 27th December 2019. No comment is assumed to be acceptance.

Comment 1 –

We assume this is for the report provided to NHS-D.

If our customers do not make use of ANM/SecureBoundary and instead use our own internet breakout, we assume that this field can just be left blank

Response 1 –

The new column isn’t for individual consumer internet availability and is actually the availability of the links currently into ANM/SecBo for your whole estate.  If there was an incident that only impacted your ANM links/SecBo links which caused an internet outage for your entire estate but network traffic could still traverse the Peering exchange then this should be reflected in the new column. Regardless of any potential consumer cases where the traffic does not get routed via ANM/SecBo for whatever reason, those links to ANM/SecBo should still have availability measured.

In the event that no Internet traffic is carried over the HSCN connection, then the entry should made as ‘N/A’

Comment 2

Until the report template has been made available, this cannot be reviewed or accepted. Please provide a full revised reporting template and not just send details of changes.

Response 2-

The only documents that have been submitted are the ones that have had changes made to them. This was easier than submitting every HSCN document. If the document hasn’t been included in the submission then no updates have been made to it and it currently exists on the HSCN website. Please identify any documents which aren’t located in the submission or on this website so these to be included in the submission if they are missing?

Comment 3 –

A commercial review of the proposed changes is required.

Response 3 –

Please can some more information around this comment be provided. NHS Digital don’t believe that the move to Secure Boundary from ANM means any change to the commercial model.

The following CN-SPs are consulted

  1. Convergence (Group Networks) Limited
  2. MLL Telecom Limited
  3. Redcentric Solutions Limited
  4. AdEPT Telecom PLC
  5. British Telecommunications PLC
  6. Piksel Limited (Carelink)
  7. Daisy Communications Limited
  8. Exponential-e Limited
  9. IT Professional Services Limited
  10. KCOM Group Public Limited Company
  11. CenturyLink Communications UK Limited
  12. Node 4 Limited
  13. NYNET Limited
  14. OCSL Managed Services Limited
  15. Updata Infrastructure (UK) Limited
  16. The Networking People (Northwest Ltd)
  17. Virgin Media Business Limited
  18. Limited
  19. Gamma Telecom
  20. GTT
  21. High Speed Office
  22. Intercity Technology Ltd
  23. IQVIA Solutions UK Ltd
  24. Logicalis
  25. Telefonica UK Limited
  26. Vodafone
  27. CANCOM UK Managed Services