An Interview with Phil Gibson, the first Chairman of Innopsis

In this episode, Michael Bowyer interviews Phil Gibson on his career in Telecoms, PSN and HSCN as Phil leaves the industry to focus on Alfa Romeo restoration, a booming property portfolio and being a part-time film mogul.

Phil has spent the start of his career at BT, working up from joining as an apprentice engineer to leading a sales organisation. Leaving BT, he spent time at NexteriaOne, Energis, Cable and Wireless before ending up at Virgin.

Phil was one of the original four from Industry that created PSN. Together with BT’s Ken Clark, Seimen’s Michael Bowyer and Global Crossing’s Mike Thomas the PSN Operating Model was created based on the work of BT’s Keith Smith. Phil went on to lead the PSN Governance work stream, which led onto the formation of PSNGB.

Phil gives advice to those seeking to enter the Public Sector Marketplace and gives his view of the obstacles that the Industry and Public Sector need to overcome in the years ahead.