Dear Work Stream Contributor

On Thursday the 28th July HSCIC conducted a review with the Governance and Commercial work stream of the feedback received from the Deed, the published feedback can be seen here [download id=”5247″] & [download id=”5245″]. As a result of the feedback HSCIC have confirmed that they are taking clarifications into account when drafting the Deed. During their review, HSCIC considered all of the clarification comments put forward and either:

1) decided that there should be no change to the Deed Overview Document as a result of the comment made
2) decided that there should be a change to the Deed Overview Document as a result of the comment made (and these are shown as tracked changes in v0.8 of the Deed Overview Document and were discussed at the work stream session)
3) provided an answer where a direct question was posed

In all instances, HSCIC explained its rationale in the Authority response column in the anonymised feedback sheets.

Where the Deed Overview Document has been updated, then implicitly the first draft of the Deed will also reflect the amendment made.’


For those parties that provided feedback and in light of the process, we are asking all members to review the comments provided to see if they should be considered as Unacceptable or Cost Impacting. The feedback is required as a matter of some urgency and if provided your Innopsis team will coordinate the responses with HSCIC and ask them to consider in the deed draft. If you wish to make any amendments prior to any publication of the first pass deed, can you please provide your feedback by Wednesday 3rd August 10:00 am to.

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