In this episode, Des Ward is joined by Mike Barlow and Phil Siveter from Nokia. The conversation covers :-
  • SDN, is it hype or better,
  • Smart Cities: how Smart do they need to be or is it just in understanding the needs?
plus the need for more and better infrastructure across the whole of the UK to enable new technology, save the Public Sector money and improve the services to the citizen.  On top of that, helping local SME businesses to flourish.
We’ve got to think transformationally and at scale, if we’re gonna deliver a really smart cities that can competitive on a global scale
Topics covered
  • 0:11 Introduction
  • 1:00 Overview of Nokia
  • 3:28 SDN Potential
  • 5:35 Skill Requirement
  • 6:35 Network Investment
  • 7:43 Smart City business Case
  • 9:57 Carrier Neutral Fibre Networks
  • 10:44 Information Governance Requirements
  • 12:46 5G Devices
  • 16:30 Upgrading Infrastructure to support Smart Cities
  • 19:30 Does SDN provide savings?
  • 20:39 Advice for Suppliers and Customers
  • 22:46 End