In preparation for the one of its forthcoming Procurements, NHS Digital has commenced a Market Engagement activity (Request for Information) for its Advanced Network Monitoring project. Advanced Network Monitoring is part of the security monitoring requirements for the Health & Social Care Network (HSCN), essentially an internet filtering and reporting capability for the network. Please click on the following link for details

Suppliers will be invited to participate in this Market Engagement Activity. NHS Digital is keen to receive questionnaires from as wide a range of suppliers as possible, and given the specialised nature of this capability, suppliers are asked to consult with partners, resellers and those in the supply chain to ensure as many relevant suppliers can participate.

In order to participate in the Market Engagement Activity, Suppliers will need to register via NHS Digital’s Delta Procurement Portal. Please click on the following link for details where the relevant documents can be downloaded, including the engagement questionnaire. The Access Code is: GR725V9528.

The closing date to provide a completed questionnaire is 12:00 (midday), Friday 9th September.

The details can also be found on Contracts Finder.

If you have any difficulties accessing the documents or require further information please contact

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