This month, Richard Barnes and Kelvin Prescott host the podcast.

The news items reviewed are :-

CCS begins new voice and data procurement

The Crown Commercial Service (CCS) has kicked off a major aggregated procurement for mobile voice and data services with the aim of providing significant savings for the public sector organisations that take part.

It has called for expressions of interest from potential buyers, saying it plans to gather customer requirements between now and December and to choose the supplier by March 2018.

Bristol Knocks London Off The Top Spot As UK’s Leading Smart City

Twelve other UK cities have been marked as smart city contenders by Huawei UK

Bristol has outstripped London as the UK’s leading smart city,  due to its efforts to spark innovation programmes and integrate technology initiatives with the city’s over all development.

Small Firms Benefitted from over £12Bn of Government Spending

A report from the Cabinet Office showed spend with SME’s up to 25.5% excluding Network Rail. 24% now that Network Rail has been added to the numbers. MoD is the worst department for SME spend and without them it would be 27.7%

Ieuan Trigger on DPS

In addition we have an interview with Ieuan Trigger, Category Director at Crown Commercial Service, talking with Phil Gibson about Dynamic Procurement Systems (DPS) at the HSCN Summit North in Leeds on 25th October 2017.

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