We will probably look back at 2019 as the year dominated by Brexit. Undoubtably the on-off activities of Brexit have had a significant impact on Suppliers as Government works out what to do depending on the agreed outcomes. Coupled with a Winter General Election, the period of uncertainty has definitely had an impact.

As we move into 2020, the outcome of the Election has at least guaranteed a direction. The other two major trends this year have been 5G and Full Fibre Broadband.  Both access methods promise to revolutionise both the Public Sector and Enterprises in the UK as well as the general Public. 

Mike Thomas
Des Ward

2019 to 2020

Mike Thomas reviews the year in News articles and Podcasts that have shaped 2019 in the Public Sector followed by a short interview with Des Ward where they discuss the year in Information Governance terms

The podcasts mentioned in this podcast are:-

Podcast 54 – Children are our Future

Podcast 52 – The Digital Transformation Journey

Podcast 51 – Ask Ave

Podcast 49 – A Bijou ‘WAN-acea’

Podcast 47 — Post Brexit

Podcast 45 – Internet First with MLL Telecom

Podcast 44 – Digitising the Health Service

Podcast 43 – NHS Internet First?

Podcast 42 – Moving NHS to Digital

Podcast 41 – The benefits of Digital Inclusion for the Elderly

Podcast 36 – Applying for Network Services 2

Podcast 35 – Competing for Frameworks

Podcast 34 – Bringing AI into Government

Podcast 33 – New Innopsis member – Advice Cloud

Podcast 29 – Is more Government spend going to SMEs?

Podcast 26 – Cognitive Technologies in 2019

Podcast 24 – Can you change Network Supplier easily?

Podcast 22 – Smart Cities – Smart Technology or Designed to be Smart?

Podcast 21 – Zero Trust?

Podcast 17 – Local Full Fibre Network – What’s in it for us?

Podcast 14. Network Services 2 – Supplier Briefing

Podcast 11 – Using the Mystery Shopper

Podcast 6 – How to make Government Terms for networks more attractive

Podcast 3 – How do we make HSCN more attractive to Bid?