Public Sector spend with SME’S up £1.1BN in 2017-18

 But little sign of hitting the target of 33% of Government spend with SME’s by 2022 It is difficult to be churlish when the Government spent another £1.1Bn with SME’s in 2017/18, or is it? We are clearly moving in the right direction, but it is unclear how much of...

SME portion of Public Sector spend up 1.2% (to 23.7%) for 2017/18

 £1.3Bn more spent with SME’s in 2017/18 The SME Spend data for 2017/18 was uploaded to in early May 2019.   Andrew Williams recently joined the Cabinet Office as Deputy...
Government Digital Technology Congress

Government Digital Technology Congress

Yesterday I chaired this years Government Digital Technology Congress in London. Over 100 council staff listened to a series of presentations from central government, local government and industry. In this blog I’ll cover some of the highlights.