Softil’s Top Technology Trends For Telecoms in 2020

Delivering a technology outlook for 2020 might prove to be more difficult this year as just the year itself, 2020, begs for a 20/20 perfect vision.

What we do know with reasonable certainty is that Moore’s Law is still relevant, with the speed and capabilities of computers continuing to double every few years.

However, many futurists in the telecoms industry now believe that Moore’s Law will reach its limits in 2020 as chipmakers hit serious physical limitations.

News for w/c 4th November 2019

News items for the week commencing 4th November 2019
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plus Internet First and Digitech19

News for w/c 28th October 2019

News for week commencing 28th October 2019
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– Care leavers in Leeds benefit from new DIY SOS scheme
– BT: Convergence is key as consumers demand next generation connectivity
– Care robots could revolutionise UK care system and provide staff extra support.
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