The Seventh day of Christmas Podcast

Being able to interrogate DNA data opens up the possibility of an exponential increase in irradicating dieseases and being able to increase food production, amongst a host of other benefits. Being able to share and process the enormous amount of data that mapping the DNA creates is one of the challenges that we face.
Connie O’Donnell of Oxford Nanopore Technologies speaks to us about what they are working on in 2019.

The Sixth day of Christmas Podcast

On the sixth day of Christmas, we bring you Alyson Edmonds from O2 Telefonica, who is their Head of Digital Innovations. Alyson has recently won a place in the Top 100 women in Technology by the WeareTechWomen organisation which celebrates and encourages more women into the Technology Industry. We hope to feature Alyson and the work she is involved in with Telefonica in a podcast in the new year.

The Fifth day of Christmas Podcast

The present administration in Government have made it a manifesto commitment that more public sector spend will be given to Small and Medium Sized Enterprises, that is organisations less than 250 employees with a revenue of less than £5m a year and a less than £43m in assets. The target is for SME’s to receive one in every three pounds that the public sector spends by 2022.

The Third day of Christmas Podcast

As we close out the year, Michael Bowyer reflects on 2018. What were the issues faced by Industry by the Public Sector? What impact did Brexit make to the marketplace?

Looking forward to 2019, does the next year look to be better or worse for Suppliers of the Public Sector? Are there any more Carillon’s   on the horizon? 

Listen to Michael as he provides his view.