BT Bring 100% of Customer Service Calls Back to UK and Ireland

UK ISP BT has today confirmed the completion of their long-running strategy to end the outsourcing of customer support, which previously resulted in related calls being answered in India and the Philippines. Instead 100% of such calls will now be answered in the UK and Ireland, which has completed a year ahead of schedule.

Roundtable: Tech it or Leave it

How should educators approach edtech procurement, and ensure they are investing in the right products and services for their organisation? Steve Wright asks the experts

Crown Commercial Service plans AI framework

The Crown Commercial Service (CCS) has published an indicator of a plan to create a dynamic purchasing system framework for the use of artificial intelligence systems in the public sector.

UK govt approves limited telecoms network role for Huawei

The UK government’s decision to opt for a classic British fudge on the matter of Huawei’s involvement in its 5G networks was the least bad choice.

The options essentially boiled down to: 1. A total ban, 2. No ban at all; 3. Some form of restriction, and we went for number three. Lots of commentators, many of whom only recently acquired their telecoms industry expertise, have pointed at that you can’t have it both ways and either Huawei poses a security threat or it doesn’t.

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