Focus on the seedlings

Last month, I was honoured to be invited to judge submissions for several award categories for the Comms Week National Awards. The awards are a highlight of the Comms Reseller Channel allowing resellers of all sizes and experience to share in the collaboration of the channel, to celebrate good practice.
So how did the nominees get their business?

The Case for Change

Public Sector is facing the biggest changes in the history of information technology. From computing to networking and secure storage, technology traditionally has required fixed, inflexible hardware environments. Server virtualisation was the first step towards changing that model, offering new flexibility for using computing resources more efficiently. Virtualisation in the data centre for workload mobility brought efficient resource utilisation and high availability and helped to drive down cost and those benefits are now being realised by Public Sector in reducing spend with and of course increased competition by service providers to maintain revenues.

The Internet is OK… so what is the future of PSN?

The Internet is OK… so what is the future of PSN?

The principles of PSN were established in late 2008 to help Government and the wider Public Sector achieve direct cost savings and transform how Public Sector organisations operate and how they deliver citizen services.

The Government has now stated that “The internet is ‘ok’ ” and signalled its intent to move away from the PSN and future services should be made available on the Internet. So waht does this mean?

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