How TikTok works in 2020 and how the public sector could use it.

I‘ve always been slightly dubious of new platforms since Google Wave promised to revolutionise the internet.

Google Wave, Dear Reader, died 10 years ago 12-months after it was launched to great fanfare.

So, to TikTok, the portrait video app with 800 million users. At the start of 2020, there’s no reliable UK data but its safe to guess there’s an upward trajectory.

2019 in Review: The Biggest Internet Outages of the Year

Any time Internet outages take place, they can be extremely disruptive to global businesses. By preventing users from reaching critical applications and services, outages can cause major revenue and reputation damage. While application delivery is dependent on many Internet Service Providers (ISPs), it also increasingly relies on a large and complex ecosystem of Internet-facing services — such CDN, DNS, DDoS mitigation, and public cloud. These services work together to provide exceptional digital experiences to users and even brief disruptions can have a significant impact.

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