Are you a trusted advisor?

In the Internet Age, more than ever before, customers are increasingly knowledgeable about products available on the market and thus prefer working with salespeople who offer solutions and insights rather than a product pitch. In fact, a survey of 1,500 Business to Business decision makers found that buyers are five times more likely to engage with a sales professional who provides new insights into their business.
While there are several different sales methodologies, solution-based selling is one that works well for B2B sales, because the process is centered around a deep understanding of client needs and challenges. Solution-focused selling also supports a more efficient customer experience.
In this episode, Lynne Magennis talks to Gill Barstow of Orbit Business Development about the ten traits of a solution selling organisation. Take a listen and see if your company meets all ten. If not, then perhaps give Gill a call.



This is the one thing that remains constant in our lives. Success for individuals or businesses is not guaranteed. As the bible verse states, The race is not for the swift or the battle to the strong, nor does food come to the wise, nor riches to the intelligent, nor favour to those with knowledge, but time and chance happen to them all.

We all have the same amount of time and irrespective of whatever talent or resource we have, how we use those resources in the time allocated to us, dictates our success. Whilst repeating the same actions will create perfection and efficiency, they will not change the outcome. Doing the same and expecting a different outcome is the root of madness. You must adapt to the environment or becoming extinct.

In this podcast, Lynne Magennis talks to Gary Gamp of Smart Tasking, who are change agents who, not only identify what needs to change within businesses, but also provide the resource to make the change happen.

What is the New Normal?

The focus for this podcast is the New Normal. Not the American Sitcom from eight years ago, but the suggestion that the Covid-19 virus will have a lasting impact on society. Similar previous pandemics such as The Plague or the Black Death caused terminal changes to medieval serfdom and the decline of religion. Will the “inspirationally” named Covid-19 change the country into a utopian vision of a workforce living and working in socially interactive villages with little travelling, or will we revert to pre 2020 lifestyle as soon as we stop being frightened of catching the virus?

Covid Issue – Industry Acts

The covid pandemic has caused a number of challenges across all sectors of industry. The telecommunications sector has, generally, been less affected that some others. Generally, there is little personal contact required and many roles can operate remotely by staff safely isolating at home. However, the change to the sector’s customers has raised some particular issues for resellers.

In this podcast, Lynne Magennis talks to Ian Fishwick, the Commercial Director at Innopsis, about one issue that surfaced and how he helped deal with it.

Enabling the Circular Economy

With the advent of social distancing, there has been an enormous quantity of new equipment purchased for home workers. Whilst this has boosted the revenue streams for a number of suppliers, the change in work habits will create a glut of equipment, either when people return to work in offices or the office-based equipment if people remain working from home.