The third day of Christmas

As we close out the year, Michael Bowyer reflects on 2018. What were the issues faced by Industry by the Public Sector? What impact did Brexit make to the marketplace?

Looking forward to 2019, does the next year look to be better or worse for Suppliers of the Public Sector? Are there any more Carillon’s   on the horizon? 

Listen to Michael as he provides his view.

The second day of Christmas

Jonathan Wright has been working during 2018 in Silicon Valley with Apple and Paypal together with advising the UK Government on the implementation of Cognitive Technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

In this podcast, Jonathon tells us the top 10 technologies to look out for in 2019.

Jonathan will feature in an Innopsis podcast in 2019

Can you change Network Supplier easily?

Can you change Network Supplier easily?

This episode of the Innopsis podcast looks at the recent experience with an SME provider based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire regarding their experience of migrating 500 health customers from the old NHS N3 network to the new HSCN model. Lynne Magennis talks to Ben Mutch and Zoe Oxley from Nynet about their experience

Is Public Procurement keeping up with Enterprise procurement?

At the of each year Innopsis renews its Directors. Three Directors step down and elections are held. This year, Kelvin Prescott has decided to leave his Innopsis post, as his work commitments at Telefonica are taking him away from the Government marketplace.

In this episode, Richard Barnes talks to Kelvin about his time at Innopsis; what he gained from the experience and what he has seen change during his time within the Public Sector. Kelvin also shares with us, his thoughts of the future.

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