Bringing AI into Government

It’s nearly a year since the Department of Digital Culture Media and Sport (DCMS) issued their policy “AI Sector Deal” in which they stated that they will put the UK at the forefront of the artificial intelligence and data revolution.
Given the opportunity for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to improve customer service, alongside an expanding use of software to update legacy-systems and automate simple tasks. Are we seeing growing investments in infrastructure planning, legal adjudication, fraud detection and citizen response systems representing the first phase in the ongoing digitisation of government?

AI-based applications could potentially reduce backlogs and free workers from mundane tasks while, at the same time, cutting costs.

To discuss this area further, Lynne Magennis talks to Jonathan Wright of consultancy organisation Digital Assured about their activity in this area

DNA – The key to our Future and Past

Being able to interrogate DNA data opens up the possibility of an exponential increase in irradicating dieseases and being able to increase food production, amongst a host of other benefits. Being able to share and process the enormous amount of data that mapping the DNA creates is one of the challenges that we face.
Connie O’Donnell of Oxford Nanopore Technologies speaks to us about what they are working on in 2019.

Helping the Community

On the sixth day of Christmas, we bring you Alyson Edmonds from O2 Telefonica, who is their Head of Digital Innovations. Alyson has recently won a place in the Top 100 women in Technology by the WeareTechWomen organisation which celebrates and encourages more women into the Technology Industry. We hope to feature Alyson and the work she is involved in with Telefonica in a podcast in the new year.