43. NHS Internet First?

Across the Public Sector, the proposal to migrate services to the Internet is accepted. HSCN, in many respects, is technology agnostic with additional controls and service assurance that supports NHS drive to digital, therefore Innopsis sees use of the Internet as complementary and not a radical change in direction.

Lynne Magennis talks to Jill Sharples, the Programme Head for the NHS-Digital Internet First Programme.

41. The benefits of Digital Inclusion for the Elderly

“The baby boom and increased life expectancy are two elements that contribute to the high aging population in the UK. A rise in the aging population puts a lot of pressure on health and social care to provide the necessary services. The Internet of Things (IoT) is one solution to decrease the costs of this care and boost its quality.

In this episode, Lynne Magennis talks to Clive Emmett, the CEO of the Council for Voluntary Services at Uttlesford about how the Council is doing tackling these issues.”

40. The Changing Network Environment

“Public Sector information technology is changing fast and networks are no exception. The traditional Wide Area Network is fast becoming old hat and new technology like SD-WAN are changing the look and functionality of networks.
So, how do you keep abreast of the developments? How do you make sure that your investments are being made in the right direction? Some or all of the above may impact your network, your organisation and ultimately your ability to deliver services cost effectively”

39. Copper Out, Fibre In

Last year, in 2018, OpenReach announced the closure of the telephone network in six years’ time at the end of 2025. Since the announcement, a series of consultations have been taking place with Industry.
The impact of the removal of the copper network, including tail circuits, telephone lines and more will be the biggest shakeup for UK telecoms since the privatisation of British Telecom in 1984. The rush to get Britain fibred is being led by the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport and is becoming increasingly important in the event of Brexit to ensure that the UK is ready to take on the world.
In this episode we try to bring to up to date with the progress so far.