CCS – Technical Products 3 (RM6068)

Tender PIN Date
Tender Pre-engagement Date
Tender Release
Tender Close
Tender Award
Framework Start Date10/12/2019
Framework End Date09/12/2021
Framework Extension Date


Lot 1: Hardware & Software & Associated Services

Lot 2: Hardware and Associated Services

Lot 3: Software and Associated Services

  • Lot 4: Information Assured Products & Associated Services
Framework OwnerCrown Commercial Service
Framework TypeFramework
Framework Term2 years
Replacement Framework
Technology Products & Associated Services (TePAS) offers public sector buyers a flexible and compliant way to source all of their technology product needs. This is the first iteration of the Technology Products framework to have associated services in its scope. 
Under this agreement buyers can procure associated services and goods. The UK public sector and their associated bodies and agencies, including the voluntary sector and charities, can use this framework.