The 3825 Club is a sub group of members who are listed on RM3825 HSCN Access Dynamic Procurement System.

Response from CCS to issues raised with RM3825

Please find attached our response to the points that you raised. I'd like to thank you for bringing these items to our attention and we are appreciative of the open working relationship we have that allows this productive interaction.

Email to CCS and NHS-Digital

As you are aware Innopsis has brought together a group of suppliers who are signed up to the RM3825 DPS. Some of these suppliers have commented on the DPS in the past and others have not, but all share concerns with the overall supplier group, so we felt it would be appropriate given the level of concern that we meet as a group and collate the issues. We have done this and have arrived at 7 main points which we would like to share with you prior to a face to face meeting with the 3825 Group, this is a course of action that they arrived at as a collective.