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Three Keys of Application-driven Network Architectures

As applications evolve in data centres and public clouds, the resulting widespread distribution of their requisite data and workloads has earned a name — hybrid cloud. The hybrid cloud has forced a rethinking in the architecture of network resources used to connect these highly distributed environments due to complexity, security, and management concerns.

Podcast: Cisco’s Chang Shares Collaboration Vision

Collaboration with co-workers was simpler in the old days. You had email, mobile phone and desk phone. If you couldn’t reach them through those channels, you walked over to where they worked. If they weren’t around, you took some candies from the bowl on their desk and gave up.

Boris Johnson suggests Huawei role in 5G might harm UK security

Boris Johnson has cast doubt on whether the UK will allow Huawei to invest in its 5G network, suggesting it might “prejudice” the Five Eyes intelligence relationship, after Donald Trump applied pressure for other countries to adopt the US ban.

In his strongest signal so far that he is preparing to shut Huawei out of the network, Johnson said that security concerns were paramount in the decision about the Chinese company.

Smart Cities Seem Inevitable, How Smart Is Cybersecurity Protection?

The world is becoming ever more connected with each passing day, and while smart devices within smart homes are now an accepted and ingrained part of society, the idea of smart cities remains a somewhat maverick concept full of potential perils which require extensive contingency plans – but they are inevitable, writes David Emm, principal security researcher at Kaspersky Lab.

Automation and Disaggregation Drive the Network Forward in 2020

Communications technologies have always enriched lives and advanced societies, often by interlinking people and economies that were once unequivocally separated by culture and geography. As technology has overcome borders, worldwide ecosystems have been able to accelerate the development of network infrastructure and devices, drive costs down and encourage mass adoption. 5G, IoT, the proliferation of fibre and the cloud should be no exception.