Network Services 2 Industry Input


Services, Attributes and Decision Tree


Network Services 2 (NS2) is the proposed framework from the Crown Commercial Service to replace the existing Network Services Framework (RM1045).

This document is to set out, for discussion purposes, the following topics;-

  • What Services do Customers want to buy from this framework?
  • What Services do Supplier want to sell via the framework?
  • What are the attributes that Public Sector bodies are looking for against each service?
  • The structure to allow Public Sector Procurement Catalogues to identify the feature set required against the available services, or organisations that can supply the type of services the Customer is looking for.

Lot Structure.


Following Industry Consultation, the following Lots have been recommended to CCS for the structure of Network Services 2.

  • Lot 1                   Wide Area Networking
  • Lot 2                   Local Area Networking
  • Lot 3                   Voice
  • Lot 4                   Mobile
  • Lot 5                   Paging
  • Lot 6                   Audio Conferencing
  • Lot 7                   Video Conferencing
  • Lot 8                   Security & Surveillance
  • Lot 9                   Managed Services
  • Lot 10                 Contact Centres

Whilst CCS are contemplating if the above structure will be adopted, Innopsis are reviewing the following Product Groups.

  • Connectivity
  • Lan and Wi-Fi
  • Voice and Unified Communications
  • Mobile, Radio & Paging
  • Conferencing
  • Security & Surveillance
  • Management of Services
  • Contact Centres

To meet the first two objectives, Innopsis has collated input and created the following list of services, by the above product group, of suitable services.

Firstly, we are suggesting the items that are Core Services. This is an expansion of the descriptions in RM1045. The descriptions are generic.

Secondly, we have identified Ancillary services which we think should belong in the same Lot as they are bought, or support the Core Service. As identified at the Industry consultation, we believe these services should be capable of being sold as a standalone service within the Lot or combined with other ancillary services or with the core service.

Thirdly, we have included Supporting Services that Customers will procure to facilitate, define, manage or enhance the Core or Ancillary Service.

It should be noted that some services will appear in more than one Lot. This will ultimately depend on how the service provided is being used or configured.




Core Services

  • Point to Point Data Connection
  • Point to Internet Connection
  • Point to WAN (Closed User Group) Connection
  • Cloud Connect (AWS/Azure/O365/Crown Hosting/Google etc)
  • Voice circuit (PSTN, ISDN, DASS2 etc)

Ancillary Services

  • Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • DDoS Mitigation
  • Managed Security
  • Malware Scrubbing/Filtering
  • Threat Detection
  • Encryption
  • Firewall
  • Fast Start/Backup (4G secondary connection)

Supporting Services

  • Professional Services
  • Consultancy
  • Site Surveys
LAN and Wi-Fi

Core Service

  • Infrastructure in customer premise (single site/multiple sites in the same locale/campus/metropolitan area)

Ancillary Services

  • Encryption
  • Firewall
  • Managed Security
  • Malware Scrubbing/Filtering
  • Threat Detection
  • Customer Premise Equipment
  • Data Centre (Local Area)
  • Servers
  • Load Balancing
  • Structure Cabling
  • Physical works (cages/ducting etc) in support of telecom delivery
  • Power & Cooling
  • Monitoring and Management
  • Security
  • Integration
  • Location services
  • Guest management
  • Intrusion Detection/Prevention
  • Identity services

Enabling Services

  • Professional Services
  • Consultancy
  • Site Surveys
Voice and Unified Communications

Core services

  • Unified Communication
  • Voice calls inbound (all Presentation types – TDM, ISDN, DASS, SIP, Qsig, etc.)
  • Voice Calls outbound (all Presentation types – TDM, ISDN, DASS, SIP, Qsig, etc.)
  • Number Translation Services
  • Call Routing Systems (all Presentation types – TDM, ISDN, DASS, SIP, Qsig, etc.)


Ancillary Services

  • Document sharing
  • Call Recording
  • ACD
  • Auto dialler
  • Command and Control Systems (UC based)
  • IVR
  • Automated Attendant
  • Presence
  • IM
  • Integration with other services/infrastructure/controls
  • Video Calls
  • Voicemail
  • Major incident handling
  • Public address (where connected to Call Routing System)
  • Devices
  • Team based collaboration
  • Adoption services

Enabling Services

  • Consultancy
  • Professional Services
  • Maintenance
  • Shifts and Moves
Mobile, Radio and Paging

Core Services

  • Mobile data
  • Mobile voice
  • Local area paging
  • Wide area paging
  • PMR Voice and data
  • Premise based Wi-Fi service

Ancillary Services

  • Handsets
  • Devices
  • Proximity Beacons
  • IoT Sensors
  • Messaging
  • Picocell
  • Event Coverage
  • MDM
  • Mobile Apps
  • Mobile App creation

Enabling Services

  • Consultancy
  • Professional Services
  • Surveys

Core Services

  • Audioconferencing
  • Videoconferencing

Ancillary Services

  • Devices
  • Room based conferencing
  • Video Conferencing Bridges (CPE and Cloud)
  • End devices & Infrastructure
  • Document Sharing
  • Large scale meetings
  • Webinars
  • Virtual events
  • IP Broadcast
  • Conference Recording
  • Scheduling & Logistics

Enabling Services

  • Consultancy
  • Professional Services
  • Location Surveys
  • Concierge
  • Adoption services
Security and Surveillance

Core Services

  • Encryption (managed and unmanaged)
  • Access Control
  • Virtual Access Control (SSO/AD/Net Admin Control)
  • CCTV
  • Security and Surveillance Hardware

Ancillary Services

  • ANPR
  • Video Image Detection
  • DDoS Protection
  • Cyber Protection
  • Malware detection/Prevention
  • Intrusion Detection/Prevention
  • Analytics

Enabling Services

  • Consultancy
  • Professional Services
  • Pen Tests
  • Site Surveys
Contact Centres and Control Centres

Core Services

  • Large Call Centre (non-personal)
  • Command and Control

Ancillary Services

  • CSR
  • ACD
  • Wall boards
  • Call Handling
  • Job Queuing
  • Resource Management
  • Workforce Optimisation
  • Auto Dialler
  • Call Recording
  • Call Transfer
  • Auto Attendant
  • IVR

Enabling Services

  • User Training
  • Consultancy
  • On-site Support
  • Professional Services


To enable the ‘Decision Tree’, each service type requires a set of Attributes. These attributes for the consistent, top level description of what the service offered consists of.

The Attributes will vary by product type within each product Group.

The Attribute set will vary between the Core Services and the Ancillary Services and Enabling services.

We have provided some examples of the Attributes for some Connectivity Services to demonstrate this approach.

We suggest that the Attributes are banded into typical values. The actual value can be included in the Supplier’s Service Description together with additional benefits peculiar to that Service offer.

We still need to work through what the Attributes for each service would look like and the banding values we should attach.