Replacement procurement route for Network Services

As Network Services Framework *RM1045) nears the end of its like; July 2019, we expect CCS to start the pre-procurement work to start around Easter this year, with the procurement process kicking in this Summer and the award to market for around January 2019.

It is then prudent to start thinking about what would we, as Industry, like to see in the structure that CCS designs. There are some areas that we would like to explore:-

1. What is good from RM1045 that we don’t want to lose?

2. What is it about RM1045 that we would like to see change?

3. How do we think customers would like to buy?

4. How does the market want to sell?

4. What does the market expect to be like in five years time?

5. What impact, if any, does Local Full Fibre Network Programme make?

To facilitate the answers to these questions we will be asking members to attend a workshop and exchange ideas in order that we can provide a market position. Each individual organisation will, of course, be free to lobby directly.

With a new framework/DPS will come new T&C’s. These are still being designed, however we understand that the Core Terms will be very closely based on the new Facilities Management Framework.

The Facilities Management terms Core terms can be foundĀ hereĀ Core Terms Final v2.9