0004_20171023 HSCN Change Request

HSCN Change 0004_20171023 including
0004a/20171023 – Introduction of a new obligation to the HSCN Obligations Framework (OPSNP.6a) – migration addendum
0004b/201710243 – Introduction of a new compliance document – The HSCN Migration Addendum

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0002_20170917 HSCN Change Request

0002_20170917 HSCN Change Request including –

0002a/20170917 – SM Adendum Removal of embedded doc

0002b/20170917 – OF SMOP7 Estates Data submission

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0001_20170922 HSCN Change Request

0001_20170922 HSCN Change Request including –

0001a/20170922 – OF Changes for clarity
0001b/20170922 – Compliance Operating Model changes for clarity
0001c/20170922 – OF Change & re-title to ‘Compliance Addendum’

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