The Future of Network Procurement

The Covid-19 lock-down is causing a massive change in the way we are working. Social Distancing and restricting the spread of the virus means that millions of Britain’s are working from home. How many will still be able to still work in the same fashion after the lockdown will remain to be seen. Certainly, from an environmental and efficiency view, continuing as much home working as possible will be desirable. However, this will have a major impact on the networking requirements for the Public Sector.



In a recent Podcast interview with Gill Barstow, Director of Orbit Business Development, Gill referred to the work by Suzanne Kobassa on resilience and the application of her work to the recent lock-down being implemented due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Kobassa initially introduced the concept of Cognitive Hardiness in 1979 following research at the University of Chicago on the impact of stress on Business Executives and Managers. The personality characteristics of those that remained healthy against those who developed illnesses were identified. These were further developed by her colleague Salavatore Maddi and their students at the university.

When is the Internet, not the Internet?

The UK Government have stated a desire to move towards the internet. This has certain benefits in terms of accessibility, being able to access applications on any device via any connection is appealing. However, the definition of what is actually meant by the Internet is a little unclear, as is the business case.