Beyond Command and Control – a Better Way of Contracting for Complex Services?

John Seddon is a highly original and interesting thinker, whose work over the years has often gone against the grain of conventional ideas about business and public services. When “shared services” was the trendiest concept in town, he warned that organisations were rushing into that model without really understanding the critical success factors – he always placed a lot of emphasis on the “service” element, arguing that a systemised and automated approach wasn’t likely to deliver happy customers or even real cost savings.

What’s hot at the edge for 2020? Everything

Few areas of the enterprise face as much churn as the edge of the network. Experts say a variety of challenges drive this change – from increased SD-WAN access demand to cloud interconnected resources and IoT, the traditional perimeter of the enterprise is shifting radically and will continue to do so throughout 2020.

How to Select the Best Network Monitoring Technology

Experts agree that monitoring is essential for maintaining overall network performance, health, and security. But exactly which features should a network monitoring tool offer, and how should the technology be used to achieve maximum effectiveness? As both networks and network management goals advance and evolve, these questions are becoming increasingly difficult to answer, making it challenging to locate and deploy a monitoring technology that covers all of the essential bases.

Cisco reveals strategy around new internet to drive innovation

Cisco today unveiled further details behind its technology strategy for building a new internet — one designed to push digital innovation beyond the performance, economic and power consumption limitations of current infrastructure. A multi-year approach that is defining the Internet for decades to come, Cisco’s strategy is already delivering technology breakthroughs to pave the way for the world’s developers to create applications and services they have only begun to imagine.

Digital parking technology helps make our cities smarter

Traffic congestion on UK roads cost the British economy £7.9 billion in 2018, according to research from transportation analysis firm, Inrix. The problems caused by the increasing numbers of vehicles on our roads is a common issue faced by countries across the world, and one that is putting huge pressures on urban infrastructures. City planners are turning to smart digital technology to help ease congestion, manage parking more effectively and adapt to changing consumer expectations.

UK Ranks 36th in the World for 100Mbps Broadband Affordability

A new study has examined the affordability of unlimited “ultrafast broadband” (100Mbps) broadband packages from 233 of the markets biggest “fibre” ISPs across 62 countries. Overall the UK ranks a lowly 36th with consumers paying a monthly average of €39.78 for such plans, while in the Ukraine (cheapest) they pay just €5.60.