Who we are

Innopsis is the industry association for companies supplying Network Services to the Public Sector.

Our focus is on making it easier for Industry and the Public Sector to do business. This means more competition, better prices and fewer hurdles to overcome in order to provide services to the Public Sector and Government with the least procurement costs.

We’re incorporated as a not-for-profit trade association to represent those companies providing communication, network or application products and services to the public sector with a passion to provide better services and to work together for the common good.

The company was formed, at the request of the Cabinet Office, in 2011 as part of the Public Services Network (PSN) Operating Model. The aim was to provide a single point of contact, for the PSN Authority, of PSN Service Providers and to help create the PSN Marketplace.

With PSN established, it was decided to change the trading name to Innopsis as the focus became broader than just PSN. Our members now include different sections of Industry, big and small, with a commonality that the service are Network or Network related.

Innopsis is run by members for members. We understand the opportunities available and issues faced as we all deal with them day-to-day.

Why we’re here

PSN was a response to the need for more efficient use of our public networks, both in terms of how they are procured and how they can be interconnected for better sharing of resources.  This has largely been done; the frameworks are all in place, the market is lively and competitive, compliance is understood and there are some great examples of organisations using PSN to deliver shared hosting and applications.

However, the design of PSN is now over seven years old and the marketplace has changed. Cloud Services and Mobility were not considered in the orginal design and, like the rest of the Enterprise market, both have grown exponentially. In addition, new services such as Software Defined Networking (SDN) at set to dynamically change the way services are consumed. Innopsis have been campaigning for a review of the standards since 2015 as the world is no longer MPLS centric, consumerisation and dynamic multi-service connectivity can bring substantial benefits to the Public Sector in terms of cost and efficiency.

At the very core of that challenge, encompassing a wide range of technology, is safe and effective information sharing.  And to achieve that we need a collaborative, joined up approach that fuels the fantastic innovation potential that UK industry has in spades.

That is the purpose of Innopsis. It is to act as a catalyst to the transformation of our public services, harnessing the astonishing capability that industry can offer and making sure that there is an open and effective channel to the areas where it is needed.

What we do

We are a forum for policy makers, opinion formers, thought leaders and senior decision makers in the public sector to engage with industry and address the challenge of reforming public services.  Our focus is on more effective information sharing, in every form that takes, using innovative technology to break down the barriers and improve outcomes.

We harness the collective capability of industry against the biggest ICT challenges, promoting innovation and providing a platform for knowledge and idea sharing. We bring knowledgeable people together in focused teams to address a well-defined problem. It’s competitive cooperation that creates a set of inter-connectable services that operate together, yet in a vibrant marketplace

We work with the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) to improve the procurement process and make sure that the public sector market place is accessible to all suppliers, irrespective of size, in order that industry is delivering products that customers need and that they are affordable and easy to buy. We strive to use commercially available solutions wherever possible and resist bespoke requirements with special terms and conditions that add unnecessary cost.

We have a point of view and we seek out the big challenges facing digital reform that need a joined up, collective effort to resolve. We will seek to work with the Cabinet Office including the Government Digital Service (GDS), with SoCITM, the LGA, HSCIC and any organisation that is striving to remove barriers and obstacles to public sector transformation. Our primary objective is a platform for safe and effective information sharing to power the successful transformation of UK public services.

Who we represent

Innopsis represents companies with a passion to provide better services for the public sector.

Our members include companies of all sizes, from specialist consultancies and SME service providers to corporates with a global presence.

Innopsis represents them all equally, providing a forum to engage with the public sector, with important market influencers and with each other to work together for the common good.