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In the world of networks, digital services, and information sharing across the public sector, we believe that the marketplace is at an historic inflection point.

Not so long ago, customers typically used to want to lease a Managed WAN. Now, customer requirements are increasingly diverging. They either want to buy a ‘wires only’ service (and sometimes actually dark-fibre), and manage the network themselves. Or they want to buy (often on-demand) business services – they are more concerned with paying for what they want, when they want it, rather than being able to see the lights flashing on equipment in their data centres.

Technology is increasingly blurring boundaries – boundaries between the network, the service, and the application – to the extent that these boundaries are arguably becoming artificial and unhelpful.

In recent years, there has been a huge change in things like digital self-serve and mobile working, as well as an increase in appropriateness of data security and the use of Public cloud services. However, we believe that, while they are intensifying and accelerating, at a high level at least, the core business needs across the public sector haven’t fundamentally changed. The underlying requirements for speed, flexibility and security isn’t changing; it is the technology which is changing the way (and the efficiency and effectiveness) that they can be achieved and delivered.

Innopsis is the industry association that works on behalf of suppliers of digital Infrastructure to the public sector. For nine years we have been deeply involved with, and influential in, the projects and
programmes that have transformed how the public sector procures and consumes innovative information sharing services, and how industry develops and markets these services. We were established as part of the Public Services Network (PSN) operating model, working with Government to define the PSN marketplace. This is experience that we have subsequently brought to bear within the Health and Social Care Network (HSCN) programme, and the emerging ‘Internet First’ initiative.

Now, as the authorities consult with industry on the future direction of networking for government,a programme that Government Digital Services has named ‘FN4G’, we are again engaged on behalf
of members.

Of key importance, to both customers and suppliers, is to ensure that when a procurement is underway, service requirements are specified in a manner that industry understands and can supply
competitively and cost-effectively. This will lead to successful procurements. So we work with both customers and buyers on how to how to position services, and service requirements, into the Public
Sector marketplace. We work with the relevant authorities on how to develop successful and vibrant marketplaces – advising on services, standards, and procurement approaches amongst other topics.

Why Join?

We offer the opportunity to listen, learn and share with other Industry members, to forge partnerships, to explore opportunities and contribute. Innopsis is run by Industry members for Industry. We provide a unique focus on the Public Sector and a Connected Digital World.



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Standard Membership

£3,500.00 pa This rate applies to the company and allows any employee of the company to access the resources and meetings made available by Innopsis.

SME Membership

£1,500.00 pa This rate applies to the company and allows any employee of the company to access the resources and meetings made available by Innopsis.

Individual membership

£100.00 pa

This rate applies to the individual to whom the membership applies only. It allows the Individual to access the resources and meetings made available by Innopsis.

Innopsis offers Individual Membership to current or retired employees of select Suppliers or Public Sector organisations.

Membership is available to individuals over the age of 18 years must must be approved by the Directors.

Associate Membership

POA Available only by invitation only.


Membership Benefits


Membership Level Standard SME Individual Associate
Attendance at Innopsis Meetings Yes Yes Yes Yes
Inclusion on Innopsis Marketing Yes Yes Yes Yes
Use of Innopsis member logo Standard Member Logo SME Member Logo Individual Member Logo Associate Member Logo
Special members Rates for Events Yes Yes Yes Yes
Podcast Yes Yes Yes, on request Yes, on request
Podcast Roundtables Yes Yes Yes Possible
Whitepaper/Articles/Case Studies Multiple Yes Yes Possible
1-2-1 sessions with Directors Yes Yes No No
Voting rights Yes Yes Yes No
Access to Daily News updates Yes Yes Yes No
Access to Member Content Yes Yes Yes No
Innopsis Marketing plan alignment Yes Yes Yes No
Directorship Place Automatic place Can Nominate Can Nominate No

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The conditions for membership are that you are a current trading organisation and involved in the supply of technology directly, or indirectly, to the UK Government and you have paid your fees.


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