is a trade association for any organisation or individual that provides PSN services, HSCN Compliant Services, Cloud based services, Connectivity, Applications or related services to the Public Sector. Its main objective is to bring together the collective strength of suppliers in ways that allow us to change our market place for the better.


Why Join?

We offer the opportunity to listen, learn and share with other Industry members, to forge partnerships, to explore opportunities and contribute. Innopsis is run by Industry members for Industry. We provide a unique focus on the Public Sector and a Connected Digital World.


How Much?

We have three rates for members depending on the size of the company.

The Standard Membership is £3,500 a year.

This rate applies to the company and allows any employee of the company to access the resources and meetings made available by Innopsis. This will include special member only rates for related services.

SME Membership is £1,250 a year.

An SME is defined as less than 250 staff, less than €50m (£43m) turnover or less than €43m (£37m) balance sheet value. This is an EU definition and applies to the organisation at a corporate level.

Micro membership is £350 per year.

A Micro member is defined as less than 10 employees with less than €2m (£1.7m) turnover or less than €2m (£1.7m) balance sheet value.

Individual Membership is £100 per year.

Innopsis offers Individual Membership to current or retired employees of select Suppliers or Public Sector organisations.
Membership is available to individuals over the age of 18 years must must be approved by the Directors.


How do I join?

Complete the form below.

Once completed, you will receive an invoice, Once the invoice is paid, you will  be nominated. If you meet the conditions for membership, you will become a member.

The conditions for membership are that you are a current trading organisation and involved in the supply of technology directly, or indirectly, to the UK Government and you have paid your fees.


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