CityFibre builds independent, open access, full fibre networks across the UK.

Fibre has long-since been recognised as the ultimate way to provide next generation network infrastructure to all sectors. But sadly, decades of underinvestment in fibre infrastructure is strangling the progress and economic prosperity of many UK towns and cities.

CityFibre was founded in 2011 to provide competitive, full-fibre infrastructure to help transform the way cities and communities harness the power of digital services. Our pure fibre networks are state-of-the-art and capable of transmitting data at unlimited speeds.

Our networks today:

CityFIbre already have fibre networks in 42 UK cities and are on target to expand to 100 towns and cities by 2025. In many cities our network is already supporting improved education in schools and the delivery of more efficient healthcare in hospitals:

Edinburgh and Peterborough – every school uses the infrastructure for distance learning and cloud services through our education partners.

York and Peterborough – CCTV and traffic management have reliable fibre backhaul to ensure community safety is never an issue.

Coventry – through a contract with Coventry and Rugby CCG, full-fibre infrastructure is now being deployed to all GP surgeries and Health centres, catering for multi-agency working and the transmission of high quality scanning between sites.

Edinburgh and Stirling – the universities take advantage of CityFibre infrastructure to enable high bandwidth services in adjacent innovation parks.

In each of these towns and cities, businesses are also able to access superior, affordable full-fibre connectivity; an associated benefit that generates inward investment, new enterprise and jobs.

Plan and build excellence:

Our proven, well-planned city approach ensures that every network we build has the capacity on day one to serve public and private sectors, mobile operators and communication providers, far into the future. We achieve this by seeking early collaboration to identify a whole city’s potential requirements upfront. Key stakeholders to this process include Councils, Health partners and mobile operators as well as local and national ISPs.

When working with Councils, we use Public Sector asset data to design a network of fibre connections. In parallel we identify other key sites and zones across the area – including areas of high business density, key transport routes, local datacentres and exchange buildings. Our approach ensures a core network build that’s both highly cost-efficient for the initial anchor partner, and fit for future expansion to benefit business and residential communities.

Talk to us to find out more about how our approach can achieve a competitively priced, compelling solution for all Public Sector Network (PSN) and Health and Social Care Network (HSCN) connections; supporting requirements for:

  • Corporate PSN
  • Health and Social Care integration and transformation
  • Safety in the community (CCTV & Traffic Management)
  • Public Wi-Fi services
  • Digital Inclusion & social housing
  • Better education (schools and universities)
  • Better business connections (including business parks)
  • Fibre to the home
  • Mobile cell sites (supporting 5G and IoT)



Phone: 0203 5100 602

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