KCOM’s PSN business has developed as a result of its long term involvement with UK public sector. Combining its knowledge and skills as both a telecommunications operator and contact centre specialist with technical architecture and cloud consultancy KCOM provides communications solutions that incorporate managed connectivity, telephony and customer contact solutions and cloud services. This means that KCOM is well positioned to assist customers embarking on a journey of digital transformation.

KCOM’s Managed WAN Service was the first of a number of services to achieve PSN Compliance and KCOM is the supplier partner for the Staffordshire, Dorset and East Midlands PSNs and also provides managed solutions to police forces, local authorities and NHS Trusts. KCOM’s Workplaces Service provides a PSN Compliant hosted telephony and unified communications solution which forms the basis of high scale contact centre services for a number of public sector organisations including HM Revenue and Customs.

KCOM is a supplier on the following frameworks

  • PSN Connectivity Framework
  • PSN Services Framework
  • Network Services
  • GCloud
  • Digital Outcomes and Specialists

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