The Common Framework

The Common Framework is a UK-based startup that provides the tools to allow you to regain control of your organisation, presenting your obligations in a single view that allows you to plan your strategy for the long term, meeting all current and future requirements.

By being able to identify the activities that need to be undertaken, the process of compliance can be simplified; all that is required is an understanding of the activities to be undertaken, and how to derive from those activities the obligations under laws and regulations that the organisations must conform to.

We provide a selection of tools to allow organisations to determine the governance activities arising from their existing obligations under laws and regulations. Organisations can prove they are in control, and select the technology that they require, without letting the ever-changing use of technology erode the information sharing governance that is crucial for success in the digital age.

The use of these tools also allows you to articulate your needs to your consultancy and supply partners to gain maximum benefit.


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