thinkfortytwo is a technology and innovation consultancy.  We look to create the perfect environment to help companies transform, this includes;

  • creation of innovation and transformation teams within your organisation
  • introduction of new technologies and digital strategies
  • enabling the adoption of an innovation culture
  • winning bid management strategies
  • robust transition management strategies

With over 20 years’ experience in winning bids in the Public Sector and leading teams. Our people are experienced in developing and mentoring teams in best practice through knowledge share.

We have been responsible for the transition of many Public Sector organisations into regional PSNs enabling them to participate in the national Public Services Network marketplace.

We have also been responsible for the development of tender strategies and submission reviews associated with public sector procurement frameworks such as;

  • PSN Connectivity (RM860)
  • PSN Services (RM1498)
  • Network Services (RM1045)

We have excellent knowledge across solutions, services and emerging technologies. With strong commercial experience in winning the correct business through opportunity qualification, solution design, business case development and contract award into transition delivery.

So what’s your question …..            0333 00648 42

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