Thank you for your application


Your application has been received. Normally, we allocate an Innopsis Director to call you and guide your through the joining process. We are keen to understand what Innopsis can do for you and where we can help you. In addition, we want to ensure you understand Innopsis.

Following the initial conversation, we will either issue a Pro-Forma Invoice, for you to raise a Purchase Order against, or we will issue an Invoice. This will be for the full year membership.

When you have paid your fee and we are satisfied that you meet our criteria for membership, then you will admitted as a member and you will receive a notification.

We ask each member to provide a logo and a short description of their services plus contact details. This will be used to enter the information on our members page. We will also want the email address and name of each member of your company who wants access to the web site. This can be as many people as you want, however they should all be full time employees.

For details of our company incorporation details, please follow this link


The Directors



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